We accompany you step by step towards the realisation of your project

By relying on us you will have a software tailored to you, a reflection of what you have in mind, realised with the most advanced technological innovations.

La nostra storia

One AM was founded in 2020 by two young independent developers whose goal was to become a point of reference for the Italian digital reality, knowing that what counts most are the needs of customers, thus creating tailor-made digital solutions for each of them, aware that behind every project there is a world of opportunities.

One AM is committed to providing its clients with high-quality services, based on a deep understanding of their needs and a constant quest for innovation. From the very beginning, our goal has been to develop trusting relationships with clients, working with them to translate their visions into successful digital realities. In a short period of time, with the growth of a skilled and knowledgeable staff, we have established strong partnerships with ambitious clients who share our vision.

About us

One AM is your reliable partner dedicated to creating innovative solutions that transform the way you live, work and interact with the digital world.

We are more than a team of programmers; we are a group of passionate experts working together to turn your ideas into digital realities.

Costruiti a mano

Websites, Web & Mobile applications

Our mission is to provide our customers with maximum satisfaction by developing each project with a modern layout and a high organic positioning in search engines.






Satifsfied users

What we believe in

Communication is the key to success. We believe in open and transparent communication with our customers, team members and partners. We are committed to listening carefully and sharing information clearly, creating a collaboration based on trust.
We recognise the importance of timeliness. Responding quickly to customer needs is critical to meeting your expectations. We are ready to face real-time challenges and provide quick solutions to ensure your satisfaction.
Every customer is unique, and this reflects our approach to design. We put the customer at the centre of everything we do, tailoring our offers and services to meet your specific needs and ensure a customised experience.
Innovation is a key word for us. We believe that the use of innovative and revolutionary methods and technologies is essential to ensure a state-of-the-art service. We are constantly researching new techniques to ensure service excellence.
Prezzi equi
The trust of our customers is precious, and we believe that prices should reflect the value of the work done. That is why we offer fair and transparent prices in line with the demands and added value of our solutions, guaranteeing unbeatable value for money.
We are open to every new challenge and project that comes our way. Our mindset is geared towards innovation and continuous growth. We are ready to embrace new projects with enthusiasm, making your ideas great.

Our staff

Andrea Ruggiero
Luca Sarti
Mirko Salvi
Christian Grasso
Giovanni Nania
Giulia Panzeri
Davide Volta
Mattia Ferraioli
Marco Lanfranchi
Francesco Sangalli